Ok, very grumpy today.  I just signed up for an email account I don’t want and for a flicker account I don’t want and got bored very quickly with uploading photos one at a time. Clearly I must be doing something wrong. How do you upload folders? Surely no one is going to upload all their photos individually.

Anyway I gave up with that and so for your delectation and delight I’ve put up a snap(get it?) of me with a little alligator in Miami  last month. I don’t have any pics of the library on my lovely new netbook and can’t get the poor old Admin PC to chug at more than a snail’s pace, so until we receive the promised new library cameras you will have to settle for holiday pics.




Selling up

Selling my house has made me question a few things about my life. The ones I’ve asked myself the most often over the last few days are ‘Why have I hoarded so much stuff over the last 16 years?’ and ‘My kids are both in their twenties, so why do I have an attic full of Lego, Barbies, and childish drawings?’ I think I had some sentimental idea that they might want this junk one day. Anyway, I now need a few dry weekends so I can drag this lot to a carboot sale in the hope that someone else will give it a home – although maybe not for as long as me!

Hello fellow ’23 Things’ participants. As I do not have any particular skills (craft or otherwise) to share with you, I shall limit these blogs to various random musings that pop into my cluttered mind from time to time. Watch this space – or don’t :)

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